U.S.-Russian Summit
Camp David
1 Febuary 1992

Joint Declaration

At the conclusion of this meeting between an American President and the President of a new and democratic Russia, we, the leaders of two great peoples and nations, are agreed that a number of principles should guide relations between Russia and America.

1.Russia and the United States do not regard each other as potential adversaries. From now on the relationship will be characterized by friendship and partnership founded on mutual trust and respect and a common commitment to democracy and economic freedom
2.We will work to remove any remnants of cold war hostility, including taking steps to reduce our strategic arsenals. 
3.We will do all we can to promote a mutual well-being of our peoples and to expand as widely as possible the ties that now bind our peoples. Openness and tolerance should be the hallmark of relations between our peoples and governments.
4.We will actively promote free trade, investment and economic cooperation between our two countries.
5.We will make every effort to support the promotion of our shared values for democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, including minority rights, respect for borders and peaceful change around the globe.
6.We will work actively together to:
- Prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and associated technology, and curb the spread of advanced conventional arms on the basis of principles to be agreed upon. 
- Settle regional conflicts peacefully. 
- Counter terrorism, halt drug trafficking and forestall environmental degradation. 

In adopting these principles, the United States and Russia today launch a new era in our relationship. In this new era, we seek a peace, and enduring peace that rests on lasting common values. This can be an era of peace and friendship that offers hope not only to our peoples, but to the peoples of the world. 

For a while our conflicts helped divide the world for a generation. Now, working with others and with each other, we can help unite the globe through our friendship -- a new alliance of partners working against the common dangers we face.