Office of the Press Secretary
 For Immediate Release                               June 17, 1992
                          JOINT UNDERSTANDING
 The President of the United States of America and the President
 of the Russian Federation have agreed to substantial further
 reductions in strategic offensive arms.  Specifically, the two
 sides have agreed upon and will promptly conclude a Treaty with
 the following provisions:
      o    Within the seven-year period following entry into force
           of the START Treaty, they will reduce their strategic
           forces to no more than:
           --   an overall total number of warheads for each
                between 3800 and 4250 (as each nation shall
                determine) or such lower number as each nation
                shall decide.
           --   1200 MIRVed ICBM warheads.
           --   650 heavy ICBM warheads.
           --   2160 SLBM warheads.
      o    By the year 2003 (or by the end of the year 2000 if the
           United States can contribute to the financing of the
           destruction or elimination of strategic offensive arms
           in Russia), they will:
           --   reduce the overall total to no more than a number
                of warheads for each between 3000 and 3500 (as
                each nation shall determine) or such lower number
                as each nation shall decide.
           --   eliminate all MIRVed ICBMS.
           --   reduce SLBM warheads to no more than 1750.
 For the purpose of calculating the overall totals described
      o    The number of warheads counted for heavy bombers with
           nuclear roles will be the number of nuclear weapons
           they are actually equipped to carry.
      o    Under agreed procedures, heavy bombers not to exceed
           100 that were never equipped for long-range nuclear
           ALCMs and that are reoriented to conventional roles
           will not count against the overall total established by
           this agreement.
           --   Such heavy bombers will be based separately from
                heavy bombers with nuclear roles.
           --   No nuclear weapons will be located at bases for
                heavy bombers with conventional roles.
           --   Such aircraft and crews will not train or exercise
                for nuclear missions.
           --   Current inspection procedures already agreed in
                the START Treaty will help affirm that these
                bombers have conventional roles. No new
                verification procedures are required.
           --   Except as otherwise agreed, these bombers will
                remain subject to the provisions of the START
                Treaty including the inspection provisions.
 The reductions required by this agreement will be carried out by
 eliminating missile launchers and heavy bombers using START
 procedures, and, in accordance with the plans of the two sides,
 by reducing the number of warheads on existing ballistic missiles
 other than the SS-18.  Except as otherwise agreed, ballistic
 missile warheads will be calculated according to START counting
 The two Presidents directed that this agreement be promptly
 recorded in a brief Treaty document which they will sign and
 submit for ratification in their respective countries.  Because
 this new agreement is separate from but builds upon the START
 Treaty, they continue to urge that the START Treaty be ratified
 and implemented as soon as possible.
 For the United States of America:       For the Russian
 George Bush                             Boris Yeltsin