Prior to Phase 1

  •  NLA has provided the NATO Appointed Facilitator an initial estimate that they have approximately 2300 weapons and has informed him that a detailed breakdown of all weapons, ammunition, mines and explosives will be provided to TFH during phase 1.
  • NLA identifies specific preferred collection sites which would facilitate their turning-in of the weapons/ammunition


  • Task Force Harvest (TFH) forces arrive in theatre
  • Task Force Harvest Liaison Teams (HLT) deploy to conduct coordination and liaison with MVR/ARM and NLA as an enabling force for TFH. 
  • TFH and HLTs will be provided complete freedom of movement throughout the Republic as necessary to accomplish their mission.
  • The NLA and FYROM security forces remove all mines, improvised explosive devices, and unexploded ordnance where possible and identify to HLT any such ordnance that NLA and FYROM Security Forces can not remove.
  • NLA provides a detailed list of all weapons, ammunition, mines and explosives that it holds broken down by type and unit.
  • NLA forces remain within existing locations, and begin preparations for handing in weapons.
  • ARM re-deploys all tanks, vehicles with crew-served weapon systems, and all indirect fire weapon systems to barracks.
  • MVR returns all vehicles with crew-served weapons systems to barracks.
  • ARM ceases all military flight operations, not approved by TFH for the duration of the operation.
  • TFH, utilising HLT as liaison with NLA, conducts detailed recce in NLA areas in order that TFH Bde can identify and select weapons collection sites.
  •  TFH Bde completes tactical planning. 


  • Weapons/ammunition collection sites will be located in areas where NLA have been operating.  Five general areas are foreseen for TFH collection efforts, in the vicinities of Kumanovo, Raduce, Tetovo, Gostivar, and Debar.
  • The number and specific locations of weapon collection sites will be determined by TFH.
  • TFH opens/operates weapons/ammunition collection sites in accordance with plans refined in phase 1.  Collection efforts will begin approximately 10-14 days after TFH arrives in country, and are foreseen to be on a rotation basis of three times in each of the five collection areas.  The EEAGs will provide a minimum of one third of the weapons/ammunition they hold in each area each time a site is opened, resulting in a total collection of 100% of the NLA weapons/ammunition.
  • Collected weapons and ammunition are removed from the collection sites under TFH escort and destroyed by NATO.
  • Unstable ammunition and weapon systems are destroyed in place by TFH.
  • TFH will provide regular reports to the FYROM MoD of weapons and ammunition collected from the NLA.
  • TFH will declare the boundaries of its collection areas, and these will be off-limits to all ARM/MVR forces until TFH declares an area closed, or the boundaries changed.
  • TFH will coordinate with international organizations regarding weapons/ammunition collection and destruction operations.
  • TFH will coordinate access for accredited media correspondents to observe TFH operations.
  • NLA personnel will have access to collection sites only for the purpose of turning-in weapons/ammunition.  All access to collection sites will be controlled by TFH.


  • TFH recovers to concentration areas for redeployment out of theatre.
  • Upon completion of weapons/ammunition collection and subject to COMTFH approval, the ARM/MVR resume normal peacetime duties and training throughout the crisis area.

(Original initialled A.A)


ARM - Armija na Republika Makedonija, Macedonian Army

Bde - Brigade

COMTFH - Commander Task Force Harvest

EEAGs - Extremist Armed Albanian Groups

FYROM - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

HLT - (Task Force) Harvest Liaison Teams

MVR - Ministerstvo na vnatresnji raboti, Macedonian Interior Ministry

MoD - Ministry of Defense

NLA - National Liberation Army, ethnic Albanian guerrilla force.

TFH - Task Force Harvest, Operation Essential Harvest NATO troops









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