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IAEA Press Releases
IAEA Team Concludes Inspections in Iraq (30 Jan 2000)
IAEA Inspectors Conclude Nuclear Materials Inspection in Iraq (26 Jan 2000)
IAEA Inspectors Conduct Nuclear Material Inspections in Iraq (13 Jan 2000)
IAEA Inspectors Returning to Iraq (16 Nov 1998)
IAEA Inspectors Leave Iraq (11 Nov 1998)
IAEA Submits Six-Monthly Progress Report on its Verification Activities in Iraq (7 Oct 1998)
IAEA Director General Informs President of the UN Security Council of the Status of Verification Activities in Iraq (11 Aug 1998)
IAEA Presents Interim Status Report on Nuclear Inspections in Iraq (28 Jul 1998)
Nuclear Inspections in Iraq (15 Jan 1998)
IAEA Inspection Work In Iraq (4 Dec 1997)
IAEA Director General's Report to UN General Assembly Includes Iraq, Strengthened Nuclear Inspections, Safety and Trafficking in Nuclear Materials (17 Nov 1997)
IAEA Director General Hans Blix Addresses United Nations General Assembly (28 Oct 1996)
IAEA Director General Statements
Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: The Road Ahead (London, 15 Jan 2001)
The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (New York, 24 Apr 2000)
Nuclear Verification in Iraq: Are we closing the file? (Editorial piece in the Washington Post, 1 Jun 1998)
The Control of Nuclear Proliferation: Future Challenge (Stockholm, 23 Apr 1998)
Keynote Address at the International Seminar on the Role of Export Controls in Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Vienna, 7 Oct 1997)
1995 Review and Extension Conference of the Parties to NPT (New York, 17 Apr 1995)
Non-Proliferation: Past, Present and Future (Rjukan, 17 Jun 1993)
Prospects of Multilateralism in the Non-Proliferation Regime (Bonn, Apr 1993)
Is the Safeguards System still Efficient? (Koeln, 25 May 1993)
UN Security Council on Inspections in Iraq (New York, 23 Nov 1992)
Lessons of Iraq (Rome, 28 Oct 1992)
Coping with Nuclear Danger in a Post-Cold War World (New York, 23 Oct 1992)
UN Security Council on Inspections in Iraq (New York, 11 Mar 1992)
Inspections in Iraq to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Washington, D.C., 23 Oct 1991)
Inspections in Iraq to the US House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (Washington, D.C., 23 Oct 1991)
Informal meeting of the UN Security Council on Inspection in Iraq (New York, 30 Jul 1991)
Informal consultations of the UN Security Council regarding Iraq and Resolution 687 (New York, 15 Jul 1991)
Informal consultations in the Security Council regarding Iraq and Resolutions 687 and 707 (New York, 8 Oct 1991)
Safeguards and Verification
INFCIRC/153/(Corr.) - The structure and content of agreements between the Agency and States required in connection with NPT
INFCIRC/540 - Model Protocol Additional to the Agreement(s) Between State(s) and IAEA for the Application of Safeguards
Treaties and Conventions related to IAEA Safeguards and Verification
Safeguards Facts and Figures
Safeguards and Non-Proliferation, IAEA Bulletin
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Country Assessment: Iraq, Institute for Science and International Security

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