NATO Press Release

September 27, 2001

Operation Amber Fox

Following approval of the Operational Plan on 26 September, the North Atlantic Council has agreed to issue the Execution Directive authorising the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Joseph Ralston, to release the Activation Order for Operation Amber Fox. This activation order enables the NATO force for this mission to be deployed. The adoption of this decision is in response to a request by the authorities of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1.) earlier this month.

Operation Amber Fox will have the specific mandate to contribute to the protection of international monitors who will oversee the implementation of the peace plan in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The mission will be deployed under German leadership with the participation of other NATO nations and will consist of some 700 troops, if necessary together with 300 troops already in the country. The duration of Operation Amber Fox will be three months with the option to consider a prolongation depending on the situation in the country.

The Execution Directive issued by the North Atlantic Council is another step in the stabilisation process in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and is a further demonstration of NATO's commitment to support this process.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name.

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