The Project on European Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PENN)

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PENN, the Project on European Nuclear Non-Proliferation, is an international network of research institutions, NGOs and individuals, set up by BITS in 1996. PENN members in Europe and the United States cooperate in influencing the political and public debates on nuclear weapons and disarmament in Europe and other aspects of European security, for example developing the Common European Security and Defense Policy. The underlying aim is to create favourable conditions for nuclear disarmament and cooperative security in Europe.


PENN is working on four major issues:

  • NATO’s nuclear strategy and the future role of nuclear weapons in European security; 
  • instruments and aims of a Common European Security and Defense Policy 
  • European nuclear disarmament policies in the multilateral context (United Nations, Conference on Disarmament, NPT); 
  • the future NATO-EU relationship in light of a Common European Security and Defense Policy. 

PENN at work

PENN is taking a multi-track approach to encouraging an informed debate involving decision makers, journalists, researchers and the general public by

  • informing and advising politicians to have an impact on policies; 
  • establishing an international network to strenghten the abilities of NGOs and other relevant institutions to be active and influential participants in the political debate; 
  • informing the general public to pave the way for grass-routes pressure on decision makers; 
  • widening the scope and co-operation of policy oriented research institutions. 


The Project on European Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PENN) is supported by a generous grant of the W. Alton Jones Foundation.