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November 2, 2006  

Forty-ninth Session (12 May to 18 July 1997)
last update: 30 June 2005
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Agenda for the 49th session: (A/CN.4/482 (E, F))

1. Organization of the work of the session;

2. State responsibility;

3. International liability for injurious consequences arising out of acts not prohibited by international law;

4. Rreservations to treaties;

5. Nationality in relation to the succession of States;

6. Diplomatic protection;

7. Unilateral acts of States;

8. Programme, procedures and working methods of the Commission and its documentation;

9. Co-operation with other bodies;

10. Date and place of the fiftieth session;

11. Other business.

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List of documents

1997 ILC Report (A/52/10 (E, F))
Topical summary of debate in the Sixth Committee on the 1997 ILC Report (A/CN.4/483 (E, F, S, R, C, A))
1997 Yearbook

The International Law Commission held its forty-ninth session at Geneva, Switzerland, from 12 May to 18 July 1997 in accordance with General Assembly resolution 51/160 of 16 December 1996 (E, F, S, R, C, A).

  • Members of the Commission:
    • Mr. Emmanuel Akwei Addo (Ghana); Mr. Husain Al-Baharna (Bahrain); Mr. Awn Al-Khasawneh (Jordan); Mr. João Clemente Baena Soares (Brazil); Mr. Mohamed Bennouna (Morocco); Mr. Ian Brownlie (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland); Mr. Enrique Candioti (Argentina); Mr. James Crawford (Australia); Mr. Christopher John Robert Dugard (South Africa); Mr. Constantin Economides (Greece); Mr. Nabil Elaraby (Egypt); Mr. Luigi Ferrari Bravo (Italy); Mr. Zdzislaw Galicki (Poland); Mr. Raul Goco (Philippines); Mr. Gerhard Hafner (Austria); Mr. Qizhi He (China); Mr. Mauricio Herdocia Sacasa (Nicaragua); Mr. Jorge Illueca (Panama); Mr. Peter Kabatsi (Uganda); Mr. James Lutabanzibwa Kateka (United Republic of Tanzania); Mr. Mochtar Kusuma-Atmadja (Indonesia); Mr. Igor Ivanovich Lukashuk (Russian Federation); Mr. Teodor Viorel Melescanu (Romania); Mr. Vaclav Mikulka (Czech Republic); Mr. Didier Opertti Badan (Uruguay); Mr. Guillaume Pambou-Tchivounda (Gabon); Mr. Alain Pellet (France); Mr. Pemmaraju Sreenivasa Rao (India); Mr. Víctor Rodríguez Cedeño (Venezuela); Mr. Robert Rosenstock (United States of America); Mr. Bernardo Sepúlveda (Mexico); Mr. Bruno Simma (Germany); Mr. Doudou Thiam (Senegal); and Mr. Chusei Yamada (Japan).
  • Officers:
    • Chairman: Mr. Alain Pellet (France)
    • First Vice-Chairman: Mr. João Clemente Baena Soares (Brazil)
    • Second Vice- Chairman: Mr. Peter Kabatsi (Uganda)
    • Rapporteur: Mr. Zdzislaw Galicki (Poland)
    • Chairman of the Drafting Committee: Mr. Pemmaraju Sreenivasa Rao (India)
  • Other activities:


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