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Convention on the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction, Paris 13 January 1993


    General undertakings

    1. Each State Party shall, in accordance with its constitutional processes,
    adopt the necessary measures to implement its obligations under this
    Convention. In particular, it shall:

    (a) Prohibit natural and legal persons anywhere on its territory or in any
    other place under its jurisdiction as recognized by international law from
    undertaking any activity prohibited to a State Party under this Convention,
    including enacting penal legislation with respect to such activity;

    (b) Not permit in any place under its control any activity prohibited to a
    State Party under this Convention; and

    (c) Extend its penal legislation enacted under subparagraph (a) to any
    activity prohibited to a State Party under this Convention undertaken anywhere
    by natural persons, possessing its nationality, in conformity with
    international law.

    2. Each State Party shall cooperate with other States Parties and afford the
    appropriate form of legal assistance to facilitate the implementation of the
    obligations under paragraph 1.

    3. Each State Party, during the implementation of its obligations under this
    Convention, shall assign the highest priority to ensuring the safety of people
    and to protecting the environment, and shall cooperate as appropriate with
    other State Parties in this regard.

    Relations between the State Party and the Organization

    4. In order to fulfil its obligations under this Convention, each State Party
    shall designate or establish a National Authority to serve as the national
    focal point for effective liaison with the Organization and other States
    Parties. Each State Party shall notify the Organization of its National
    Authority at the time that this Convention enters into force for it.

    5. Each State Party shall inform the Organization of the legislative and
    administrative measures taken to implement this Convention.

    6. Each State Party shall treat as confidential and afford special handling to
    information and data that it receives in confidence from the Organization in
    connection with the implementation of this Convention. It shall treat such
    information and data exclusively in connection with its rights and obligations
    under this Convention and in accordance with the provisions set forth in the
    Confidentiality Annex.

    7. Each State Party undertakes to cooperate with the Organization in the
    exercise of all its functions and in particular to provide assistance to the
    Technical Secretariat.