United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

15 December 1983


                                                   15 December 1983
                                                   Meeting no. 97
       Urgent need for a comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty
     The General Assembly,
     Convinced of the urgent need for a comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty
capable of attracting the widest possible international support and adherence,
     Reaffirming its conviction that an end to nuclear-weapon testing by all
States in all environments would be a major step towards ending the
qualitative improvement, development and proliferation of nuclear weapons, a
means of relieving the deep apprehension concerning the harmful consequences
of radioactive contamination for the health of present and future generations
and a measure of the utmost importance in bringing the nuclear-arms race to an
     Recalling that the parties to the Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapon Tests in
the Atmosphere, in Outer Space and under Water undertook not to carry out
any nuclear-weapon-test explosion, or any other nuclear explosion, in the
environments covered by that Treaty, and that in that Treaty and in the Treaty
on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons the parties expressed their
determination to continue negotiations to achieve the discontinuance of all
test explosions of nuclear weapons for all time,
     Recalling also its previous resolutions on this subject,
     Taking into account that part of the report of the Committee on
Disarmament concerning consideration of the item entitled "Nuclear test ban"
during its session in 1983,
     Noting, in particular, that Sweden submitted to the Committee on
Disarmament the draft of a nuclear-test-ban treaty which took into account
both the report on the trilateral negotiations presented to the Committee
in 1980 and the basic provisions of a test-ban treaty proposed by the Union of
Soviet Socialist Republics in 1982,
     Recognizing the important role of the Conference on Disarmament in the
negotiation of a comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty,
     Recognizing the importance to such a treaty of the work assigned by the
Committee on Disarmament to the Ad Hoc Group of Scientific Experts to Consider
International Co-operative Measures to Detect and Identify Seismic Events on a
global network of stations for the exchange of seismological data,
     Recalling paragraph 31 of the Final Document of the Tenth Special Session
of the General Assembly, relating to verification of disarmament and arms
control agreements, which stated that the form and modalities of the
verification to be provided for in any specific agreement depend on, and
should be determined by, the purposes, scope and nature of the agreement,
     1.   Reiterates its profound concern that, despite the express wishes of
the majority of Member States, nuclear-weapon testing continues;
     2.   Reaffirms its conviction that a treaty to achieve the prohibition of
all nuclear-test explosions by all States for all time is a matter of the
greatest importance;
     3.   Expresses the conviction that such a treaty would constitute a vital
element for the success of efforts to halt and reverse the nuclear-arms race
and the qualitative improvement of nuclear weapons, and to prevent the
expansion of existing nuclear arsenals and the spread of nuclear weapons to
additional countries;
     4.   Notes that the Committee on Disarmament, in the exercise of its
responsibilities as the multilateral disarmament negotiating forum,
re-established at its session in 1983 an Ad Hoc Working Group under item 1 of
its agenda, entitled "Nuclear-test ban", and that the Ad Hoc Working Group
considered the issues under its mandate;
     5.   Also notes that the Committee on Disarmament agreed that the mandate
of the Ad Hoc Working Group on a Nuclear-Test Ban may thereafter be revised as
decided by the Committee, which will consider this question with appropriate
urgency, and that the Committee discussed the matter;
     6.   Requests the Conference on Disarmament:
     (a)  To resume its examination of issues relating to a comprehensive test
ban, with a view to the negotiation of a treaty on the subject and, in
accordance with the 1983 report on the work of the Committee under this item,
to take up the question of a revised mandate for the Ad Hoc Working Group
during its 1984 session;
     (b)  To determine, in the context of its negotiations on such a treaty,
the institutional and administrative arrangements necessary for establishing,
testing and operating an international seismic monitoring network as part of
an effective verification system;
     (c)  To initiate investigation of other international measures to improve
verification arrangements under such a treaty including an international
network to monitor atmospheric radioactivity;
     7.   Urges all members of the Conference on Disarmament, in particular
the nuclear-weapon States, to co-operate with the Conference in fulfilling
these tasks;
     8.   Calls upon the Conference on Disarmament to report on progress to
the General Assembly at its thirty-ninth session;
     9.   Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its thirty-ninth
session the item entitled "Urgent need for a comprehensive nuclear-test-ban