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Press Release (97)104
11. Sep 1997


Agreed NATO-Russia Statement on the 11 September Permanent Joint Council Meeting at Ambassadorial Level


The second meeting of the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council at Ambassadorial level took place on Thursday 11 September 1997 at NATO Headquarters, Brussels.

NATO and Russia discussed the future work of the PJC with a view to preparing the first PJC Ministerial Meeting on 26 September. They agreed the agenda of the meeting which will include an exchange of views on peacekeeping operations, the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a work programme of the PJC until the end of the year.

Against the background of NATO-Russia cooperation in SFOR and the present situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, NATO and Russia discussed issues of mutual interest and concern. NATO and Russia agreed on the importance of the local elections scheduled for the coming weekend in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All participants welcomed the outcome of the meeting and expressed their determination to continue the work in a positive spirit. They looked forward to the PJC meeting at Ministerial level in New York, which should set the stage for a broad and intensive cooperation along the lines laid down in the Founding Act.