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Press Statement
30 October 2000

PJC Ambassadorial meeting Monday 30 October 2000


The NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC) at Ambassadorial level met on Monday 30 October 2000, at NATO Headquarters.

Ambassadors were briefed on the meeting of military representatives under the auspices of the PJC held on 5 October 2000.

Ambassadors welcomed the peaceful democratic changes that have taken place in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and discussed their implications for the region.

NATO and Russia underlined their determination to continue to work towards the full implementation of the UNSCR 1244 and to cooperate in all areas, including the protection of Kosovo's minorities.

Ambassadors discussed the contribution by NATO and Russia and the role of the PJC in creating a security architecture in the Euro-Atlantic region, taking into account OSCE activities in this field.

NATO and Russia continued their reciprocal exchanges on nuclear weapons issues, including doctrine and strategy.

The next PJC meeting at Ambassadorial level will be held on 15 November 2000.