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Press Statement
05 Oct.. 2000


PJC Ambassadorial meeting

The NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council at Ambassadorial level meton Thursday, 5 October 2000, at NATO Headquarters.

As part of the ongoing discussions on questions related to strategy andmilitary doctrines of NATO and Russia in the Permanent Joint Council, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Gusarov provided a briefing on Russia's new Foreign Policy Concept. Discussing this document, Ambassadors continued their exchange of views on issues related to strategy and military doctrines initiated in March and further pursued in April and July. In view of its importance for enhancing transparency, mutual understanding and trust, Ambassadors look forward to further deepening this discussion in the PJC framework.

The next meeting of the Permanent Joint Council at Ambassadorial level is scheduled for 30 October 2000.