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Founding Act on Mutual Relations, 
Cooperation and Security 
between NATO and the Russian Federation
                                                         Paris, 27 May 1997



 To achieve the aims of this Act, NATO and Russia will base their relations on a shared commitment to the following principles: ()

refraining from the threat or use of force against each other as well as against any other state, its sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence in any manner inconsistent with the United Nations Charter and with the Declaration of Principles Guiding Relations Between Participating States contained in the Helsinki Final Act; 

respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states and their inherent right to choose the means to ensure their own security, the inviolability of borders and peoples' right of self-determination as enshrined in the Helsinki Final Act and other OSCE documents; 
prevention of conflicts and settlement of disputes by peaceful means in accordance with UN and OSCE principles;