Bulgarian Annual National Program of the membership action plan


The Annual National Program (ANP) consists of five chapters, the Ministry of Defense being responsible for the development if Chapter Two - Defense / Military issues.The goals, tasks and priority spheres of sector two of the Annual National Program, which are directly related to the implementation of the reform in the Armed Forces of the country and with achieving the necessary level of interoperability with NATO, are reflected in priority spheres of the adapted Individual Partnership Program between Bulgaria and NATO for 2000-2001. The goals and tasks in the separate spheres are in accordance with the priority spheres of the work of the Ministry of Defense:

  • Education and training, including language training;

  • Command, control, communication information systems and observation;

  • Air defense and air traffic control;

  • Logistics and medical support, including logistic and medical support on the part of the host country;

  • Preparation of units for participation in peace support missions, in collective defense and in multinational formations.

In updating of the Annual National Program the following key spheres have been preserved:

Stability - The basic goal is to establish a legal base and mechanisms which will allow a planned introduction of a defense planning system that on its turn, at the stage of full membership in the Alliance, will be capable of meeting the requirements for collective defense and the requirements ensuing from the participation in joint operations outside Article 5.

Democratization - the basic goal of this sphere is the confirmation of the processes of establishing effective, democratic, and civilian control by introducing management systems, monitoring and control over the defense policy, defense planning and defense expenditures, which meets the requirements for transparency, accountability and efficiency. The basic accent is laid on the protection of the democratic society on an the mechanisms of efficient management and control over the activity of special services.

Professionalization - the basic goal of this sphere is the preparation of the necessary human resources to conduct the reform, the modernization and integration in NATO, to develop such officer and non-commissioned officer corps capable of fulfilling tasks on the new missions of the Alliance, on the collective defense, to be able to work in multinational staffs in accordance with the procedures of NATO. The basic accent is laid on the reform of the military-educational system which has to meet the new requirements ensuing from the new tasks in the preparation for full membership in the Alliance. A serious direction is the development of the non-commissioned officers (sergeants) corps as an important element of the future structure of the Bulgarian army. A major accent is laid on the professional and language training and preparation.

Development of the operational capabilities of the Bulgarian army to fulfill tasks on the collective defense and for participation in non-war operations. In the process of building the operational capabilities the requirements of the Defense Capabilities Initiative will be taken into consideration with the objective to improve the mobility, endurance, command, control and communications, as well as survivability.