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CE/UKR/en ,
1 March 1998

Partnership and Co-operation Agreement
Between the European Communities and
their Member States,
and Ukraine



A regular political dialogue shall be established between the Parties which they intend to
develop and intensify. It shall accompany and consolidate the rapprochement between the
Community and Ukraine, support the political and economic changes underway in that country
and contribute to the establishment of new forms of co-operation. The political dialogue:

shall strengthen the links of Ukraine with the Community, and thus with the community of
democratic nations. The economic convergence achieved through this Agreement will lead
to more intense political relations;

shall bring about an increasing convergence of positions on international issues of mutual
concern thus increasing security and stability;

shall foresee that the Parties endeavour to co-operate on matters pertaining to the
strengthening of stability and security in Europe, the observance of the principles of
democracy, the respect and promotion of human rights, particularly those of minorities and
shall hold consultations, if necessary, on the relevant matters.

Consultations as appropriate shall be held between the Parties at the highest political level.
At ministerial level, political dialogue shall take place within the Co-operation Council
established in Article 85 and on other occasions including with the Union Troika by mutual

Other procedures and mechanisms for political dialogue shall be set up by the Parties by
establishing appropriate contacts, exchanges and consultations, in particular in the following

regular meetings at the level of the senior officials between representatives of Ukraine
and representatives of the Community;

taking full advantage of all diplomatic channels between the parties, including
appropriate contacts in the bilateral as well as the multilateral field, such as United
Nations, CSCE meetings and elsewhere;

exchanging regular information on matters of mutual interest concerning political
co-operation in Europe ;

any other means which would contribute to consolidating and developing political dialogue.

Political dialogue at parliamentary level shall take place within the framework of the
Parliamentary Co-operation Committee which shall be established under Article 90.