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NATO Summit Declaration, Prague, 21 November 2002


NATO Prague Summit Declaration

We remain committed to the CFE Treaty and reaffirm our attachment to the early
 entry into force of the Adapted Treaty. The CFE regime provides a fundamental
 contribution to a more secure and integrated Europe. We welcome the approach
 of those non-CFE countries, which have stated their intention to request
 accession to the Adapted CFE Treaty upon its entry into force. Their accession
 would provide an important additional contribution to European stability and
 security. We welcome the significant results of Russia’s effort to reduce forces in
 the Treaty’s Article V area to agreed levels. We urge swift fulfilment of the
 outstanding Istanbul commitments on Georgia and Moldova, which will create the
 conditions for Allies and other States Parties to move forward on ratification of
 the Adapted CFE Treaty.