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Georgia and the World: A Vision and Strategy for the Future, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


Foreign Policy Concept of Georgia

In conducting this restructuring, Georgia has made good use of the opportunities provided by NATO through its Partnership for Peace (PfP) program, as well as bilateral assistance from Western countries. In 1998 Georgia participated in 120 PfP activities, among them, conferences seminars, training meetings and multinational exercises. In 1999, Georgia participated in more than 220 PfP events, 15 of them multinational exercises. In 2001 Georgia is scheduled to host a major NATO/PfP exercise. Georgia also now participates in NATO's Planning and Review Process (PARP), under which defence planning data are shared and evaluated. 

Georgia is proud to be able to contribute a small unit to KFOR forces that are securing peace and stability to Kosovo. This initiative will enhance interoperability between NATO and the Georgian Armed Forces. Participation of the Georgian platoon in NATO peacekeeping operations underscores Georgia’s determination to contribute to a more peaceful world.