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Georgia and the World: A Vision and Strategy for the Future, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Foreign Policy Concept of Georgia

Georgia places great importance in its relations with its Euro-Atlantic partners and organizations. Georgia is a founding member of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC), and an active member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme. Georgia considers the EAPC to be an important forum, capable of reviewing and solving numerous problems existing in the sphere of stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic area. Georgia seeks to deepen and strengthen cooperation on regional issues within the EAPC. In this regard, "The Open-Ended Ad Hoc Working Group on the Caucasus", which was proposed by Georgia in the framework of EAPC, deserves special support. 

Through the EAPC and through its expanding bilateral relations with leading members of NATO, Georgia seeks to build a stronger relationship with the Alliance. Georgia sees participation in such activities as PfP and the EAPC as an essential step toward the realization of its long-term goal of NATO membership. Georgia strongly supports the retention of the transatlantic link as vital element of security and stability in Europe. 

Georgia strongly supported the efforts of NATO and other partner countries to put an end to the violence and mass violation of human rights in South Eastern Europe. As part of its strong commitment to the international community efforts to restore peace and stability in the Balkans, the Government of Georgia has sent troops to Kosovo in order to contribute to international peacekeeping operations there.