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Statement by President of Azerbaijan H. Aliyev at the EAPC Summit Meeting, Prague, 22 November 2002.

Azerbaijan´s Application for joining NATO

                  Waging an implacable fight against international terrorism and extremism, Azerbaijan
                  directs its main efforts towards the goal of liberating of its territories from Armenian
                  occupation, restoring law and order there. Resolution of Armenian-Azerbaijani
                  conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh meets the interests of all states of the Euro-Atlantic
                  partnership. While it is not late, international community must undertake all possible
                  efforts to achieve peaceful settlement of the conflict on the basis of full restoration of
                  sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in accordance with the norms and
                  principles of international law. 

                  Azerbaijan, considering Partnership with NATO as the basis of future Euro-Atlantic
                  security system, aspires to integrational partnership and intensified bilateral dialogue
                  with the Alliance. Here I would like to emphasize the increased interdependency
                  between Members of the Alliance and Partners as well as the need to take better
                  account of Partners' interests and requirements.