US-Russia Nuclear Security Cooperation:
FY 2003 International Affairs (Function 150) Budget Request




II. Bilateral Economic Assistance

D. Department of State

Nonproliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs (NADR):

[$36 million for Export Control and Related Border Security Assistance (EXBS), which is designed to help prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, missile delivery systems, related goods and technologies, and other weapons to rogue states and terrorist networks. Funds provide training, equipment, and services to establish or enhance export control systems and border control capabilities and infrastructure to mitigate the illegal transit of prohibited material. The program supports activities in Russia and the Eurasian republics, India, Central and Eastern Europe, and key transit states worldwide. The increase represents a consolidation of about $20.5 million in FREEDOM Support Act/NIS-funded export control activities into the NADR account for FY 2003, and assumes continued expenditures for programs augmented in FY 2002 with supplemental appropriations.

$52 million for the Science Centers and Bio Redirection program. Funding for the Science Centers helps prevent former Soviet weapons experts from providing weapons of mass destruction expertise to terrorist networks or to proliferant states. Funding finances civilian research in Russia and Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, and Uzbekistan. Funding will also support cross-regional projects, activities to promote the permanent redirection of these scientists to peaceful civilian careers, and increased oversight, audits, monitoring, and other administrative expenses due to expanded activities.]

Source: Department of State FY 2003 International Affairs (Function 150) Budget Request