Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation
Press Release
February 7, 2002

In Connection with Statements by US Administration Officials on Russian-American Relations

A number of public statements have been issued in the last few days by officials of the US administration, in particular, Secretary of State Colin Powell and US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, giving a positive assessment of the state of and prospects for Russian-American relations, and stressing the intention of Washington to build further on its close coordination and cooperation with Russia in all fields so as to come with weighty results to the upcoming May summit in Moscow.

Significantly, constructive elements were contained even in the testimony on February 6 by CIA Director George Tenet before the US Senate Committee on Intelligence. In particular, Tenet singled out the intensification of cooperation between our two countries as the "most impressive event of the year," and emphasized the great importance of Russian-American coordination in the struggle against international terrorism and other global threats.

This mood of the US administration is fully consistent with our approaches to the development of relations with the USA. We believe that the next meeting between the Presidents of the two countries in Russia will help to consolidate their mutual striving for reciprocally advantageous cooperation and to reach major joint accords, including a legally binding agreement on radical strategic offensive arms reductions.

Publication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.