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The Commission's Strategic objectives 2000-2005, 
9 February 2000

The Commission's Strategic Objectives 2000-2005


We also need to establish genuine strategic partnerships with the countries
adjoining the enlarged Europe. Our borders must not become a new fault-line
separating stability and prosperity on one side from instability, conflict and
development lags on the other. The process of stabilisation and association with the
Balkans must be pursued so as to bring the countries there closer to the Union's
structures; co-operation with Russia and Ukraine must be stepped up, following our
common strategy, and relations must be developed with the countries of the Caucasus; in the Mediterranean, the Barcelona Process is the backbone of an overall
strategy, including greater support for the Middle East Peace Process and closer
political relations with the Maghreb countries. In the long term, the target should be a
partnership based on the rule of law and sustainable development.